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How I became a NAET Allergy Practitioner

- Naturopathy & Kinesiology (Dec 2012)
- NAET Basic and NAET Advance (July 2010)
- Dip BSYA Anatomy and Physiology (Feb 2010)
- Health Science, Biology & Sociology (July 2008)

I always had interests in natural remedies and how we can help our body without the use of medications and their side effects; this is why I chose my Degree courses to be more science based in order to understand the human body. However, when my daughter was diagnosed with dairy and wheat Allergies in 2005 and had to cut most of her day to day foods from her diet, which left us with lot of other problems. Seeing a Dietician once a month wasn't enough to help her, this is when I thought "there must be something out there to help with Allergies, she cannot go on like this anymore".

I came across many treatments that had other side effects or not a permanent solution. While I was searching for natural solution, I saw NAET on a web site saying 'It's natural, no medicine given or permanent side effects and eliminates permanently'.
After my daughter's treatments she was able to eat everything with both Wheat and Dairy, has made me interested to study NAET myself and do both the Basic and Advanced courses, since then I have helped many people with this Treatment for Food Allergies and Intolerances, Asthma, Hay fever, Hormonal Imbalances, Acid Reflux, Parasites, Viruses, hidden Emotional related health problems and many others.


Customer Testimonials

Hay Fever - Rehana B

"I had been suffering from hay fever for nearly than 20 years. I had tried many different medicines from herbal tablets and a steroid injection. Nothing of which was ever successful. Eventually I totally gave up on any kind of treatment. I felt completely hopeless and desperate. Sitting exams was very difficult and I seldom enjoyed a good summer holiday, because it had had such an impact on my life.
I found out about NAET but I wasn't optimistic. However what happened over the next few months was life changing!
I was very surprised that I had finally found something that really worked. If it can work for me and my hay fever it can definitely work for you whatever your health problem. I recommend it to anyone."

Egg/ Dairy intollerance - Azu Hatch

" NAET really seems to have worked for my 6 year old daughter who was getting lots of gastric bugs, stomach aches and has inherited and developed intolerances to dairy and egg, as well as a few other allergens. She now has a much higher tolerance to these, a happier tummy and is starting to enjoy these foods again. The treatment for her has been a mix of far eastern tried and tested therapies, counselling and nutritional advice.
Sabrina is a personable, knowledgable and professional NAET practitioner. She has put me and my daughter at ease at every treatment we have had. Next stop, my son and husband!"


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Non-invasive, drug free, painless, natural allergy treatment that can be used on everyone, from a day old baby to an OAP, with no side effects. Sabrina's Natural Therapy

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